Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I actually thought they reminded me more of the 80's, but then again I'm sure most of the bomber jackets started to look similar at some point.

There's just this fun quirk about them. Likely because you can dress them in so many different ways!

Like this one for example, it just screamed, "Pair me with something black!" The faux leather skirt was just a bonus because it added just the right amount of toughness to my look.

Another great thing is obviously the colors!

I love being able to accessorize in a rainbow of colors and yet have it tie together. Thanks to the bold jacket for giving me such a fun canvas to work with.

The makeup has the right to be fun, too! I kept the colors bright, but the eye more simplified (floating liner, no false lashes, touch of sparkle) because there's already a lot going on here. If for some crazy reason I were to not have on jewelry, a fully dramatic eye would feel more balanced for me. The lips have to pop, though. It's just the rules.

I chose to keep everything with this next jacket more simple in general.

Well, by my standards. 😂

Gold jewelry to bring out the yellow detail, a touch of color for the lips. All black underneath- again. I do love wearing black, I still haven't grown out of that 'phase' and probably never will! It's super beneficial when it comes to wearing something with such a strong presence.

Earrings, jacket: thrift store

Skirt, necklace, shoes: H&M

Guys I shop there a LOT, they're a favorite for sure.

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