So I've always loved wearing boots in the fall/winter. (Yes, even here in FL.)

The right pair can definitely add some edge to an outfit! I've always liked to pair anything bold with things more delicate. I feel like it creates some sort of interesting, avant-garde balance.

I found the pair I'm wearing here at Charlotte Russe! Last pair just sitting there waiting for me 🤩😂

It's funny because I almost didn't go into the store, I hadn't been in one in a few years. Like come on, I'm 30- I'm too old to shop here! That and most mall shops like that don't have the best quality of clothing. No offense to anybody, but you get what you pay for with a lot of places.

But yeah so I still went in and ended up finding these boots that obviously were meant to come home with me.

Dress: H&M

Bustier: Victoria's Secret

Leggings: Target

Boots: Charlotte Russe

Top: H&M

Skirt: Express

Also I'm pretty sure that most or all of the hair accessories in this post are from the Dollar Tree!

This choker is too cute, I found it on SHEIN.


Also this is how I spend a lot of time some nights.

Vibing on my furry closet bench, contemplating... well, life.

But mostly fashion.

And working on myself.

Top: thrift

Skirt: H&M

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